Acumatica Light Manufacturing (LM)

The Light Manufacturing Module is an excellent solution for distributors who sell finished goods that require “light assembly.” As your assembly process becomes more complex you may want to capture labor costs, as well as bundling multiple items into a single SKU (an assembled finished good).

  • “Bundles” Multiple Items into a Single SKU, an Assembled Finished Good: Bill of Material may include stock or non-stock items, which supports roll-up of material and labor costs of good sold for your finished good. Light Manufacturing will also support BOM explosion for auto-replenishment. 
  • Supports “Light Assembly” Operations: Ability to Auto generate work order documentation for finished goods if they are not in Stock. Also offers work order completion or “stocks” finished goods. Once complete Acumatica will automatically pick tickets for order fulfillment. 
  • Support Configured Items Generated by eCommerce/Configurators: Bundles items include multiple SKU’s. The LM module will organize times into a BOM with work order/assembly documentation necessary for order fulfillment.

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