Your ERP Vendor is Your Business Partner: Choose Wisely

Deciding to change ERP systems is a big decision for a company. There are many things to think about from on premise or cloud to what functionality do we really need, costs, time frame, resources for implementation and more. Most everyone gives a hard look to the software solution which is important, but one of the most important factors is your relationship with the ERP vendor.

As a business partner your ERP vendor, will be integral to a successful ERP implementation, so when choosing a vendor, for any business project, a similar line of discernment is required. No one vendor is ideal for every company. Yes, everyone benefits if the vendor is experienced and knowledgeable. But the way in which they work, the nature of their specific expertise and their ability to meet your company’s specific needs and preferences is what really matters.

Your ERP vendor and consultant will be very active in your business for at least a year and then a presence for many years to come. The chosen partner will learn in-depth details and give guidance on processes used in sales, accounting, production, inventory, HR and more. Can the chosen vendor relate to your company? Has the vendor worked with companies of your size and do they have experience with your unique business processes?

It’s also important to remember that people are paramount. ERP launch, implementation, and training, is as effective as the team of people leading these efforts. When you choose a vendor, choose a group of people who have the values and level of experience you trust.

Important questions to ask your potential ERP vendor:

    • How long have you been in business, and what industries do you serve?
    • What other companies have you worked with that have similar business processes?
    • Who will be assigned for your ERP implementation and what experience do they bring to the table?
    • Who will be helping us with ERP training and what is their experience in working with organizations like our own?
    • What support does your firm offer after we go live?

About Parallel Solutions
We at Parallel Solutions have been working in the ERP space since 1995. Our practice has been focused in manufacturing and distribution. This gives us a wide range of experience in these industries. We have worked closely with companies involved in repetitive and discrete manufacturing. Our experienced ERP consultants have partnered with many companies across the U.S. to configure systems that help their businesses run securely and efficiently.

​Our consultants have experience with Manufacturing, Distribution, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Electronic Data Exchange (EDI), CRM, Document Management, Financials, Time & Attendance, Labor Tracking, Tax Compliance, Report Writing, CAD, and more. 

​We have been there and done that many times. We know what obstacles might arise and how to deal with these issues. We will be there to help you review, train, and test your system, so that when your GO LIVE date arrives, you will be prepared. Be assured our job isn’t done after your go live; we will always be there to work with your business.

To learn more about Parallel Solutions, our values, staff and industry experience give us a call at 440-498-9920, or email us at

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