Why Exact Synergy for Your Business?

Exact Synergy provides a business technology platform that promotes communication within your business. Discover how your business can streamline communications and increase collaboration with Exact Synergy.

CRM (Customer Resource Management)

  • Capture customer information, expectations, and transactional data
  • Make information available by security levels
  • 100% insight into customer relationships
  • Consistent, time-stamped data base 
Exact Synergy

HRM (Human Resource Management)

  • Build a digital dossier
  • Insight into human resource administration
  • Mobile and web-based functionality, absence registration, vacation requests
  • Self-service apps for Android, IPhone & Windows Phone
  • Self-service employee portal

Project Management

  • Manage projects and budgets
  • Share documents, workflows, expenses and activities, and assign tasks to specific individuals.
  • Accurate visual of project process.  
  • Integrates with a number of ERP systems
Exact Synergy
Exact Synergy

Social Collaboration

  • Share information on timelines or in groups
  • Open lines of communication within your organization
  • Secure environment for business communications that can be preserved and the knowledge can be retrieved
  • Empower workforce with information

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Communication is crucial to success in any business. Exact Synergy will promote cooperation and conversation between departments.  It will give your employees the knowledge and information they need to communicate effectively, and bring value to your business and brand. 

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