Parallel Solutions: Your Partner in ERP Implementation for the Plastics Manufacturing Industry

At Parallel Solutions  we understand the plastics manufacturing industry and we are acutely aware of the unique challenges businesses in this sector face. Recognizing the constant need form innovation and process improvement in both manufacturing and distribution, we are committed to delivering solutions that not only meets, but exceed your expectations.  

Choosing the right ERP system is crucial, and it’s equally important to collaborate with a consultant who truly understands your business. From the design stage to the molding stage, our team is dedicated to configuring an ERP system that is tailored to the specific needs of your business. 

Benefits of a Modern ERP for the Plastics Manufacturing Industry:

  • Reduction of Operational, Administrative & Inventory Costs: Significantly lower your business expenses through streamlined processes and efficient resource management. 
  • Real-time Data Analytics and Business Intelligence: Make informed decisions with access to up-to-the-minute data & insightful analytics.
  • Inventory Control: Maintain optimal inventory levels with advanced tracking & management tools.
  • Eliminates Double Entry: Increase data accuracy & save time with automated data entry process processes. 
  • Serial Lot Control: Enhance product traceability & quality control, ensuring compliance and customer satisfaction. 
  • Drill-Down Capabilities: Gain deeper insights into your operations with the ability to analyze data at granular levels. 
  • Role-Based Dashboards: Experience a customized user interface tailored to meet the specific needs of different roles within your organization
  • Mobile access:  Anytime, anywhere via web browser: Stay connected and manage your operations on the go with our mobile-friendly solution. 

Ready to Drive Your Plastics Manufacturing Business?

Contact the experts at Parallel Solutions and discover how your Plastics Manufacturing business can streamline operations and grow with the right ERP.