7 Ways Distributors Grow with Acumatica Cloud ERP

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The distribution industry has changed dramatically. It is easy for manufacturers to sell direct, and with the multiple online shopping options, customers can choose the lowest cost version in a matter of minutes.  Distribution businesses must be agile and built on modern technologies to effectively manage their supply chains and customer relationships. Customers expect high level, versatile service options too.  Options to purchase, return, and exchange products anywhere— in-store, online, or through in-house sales departments. These types of self-service and value-added services offer distributors opportunities to differentiate from their competitors while increasing their bottom lines.
You might think these options are only for enterprise level businesses, with huge technology budgets.  Not true.  Modern technology has brought these services to mid-level businesses everywhere.  Smaller distributors no longer have to struggle to manage complex business systems with multiple add-on applications for retail and online sales, order fulfillment, and shipping. Learn more about the Acumatica Distribution Edition and how it helps distribution businesses like yours optimize inventory, reduce costs, and automate supply chains. Download the full whitepaper here. “With the sheer capability of getting our sales reps online and giving them access to customer information through the CRM, Acumatica is allowing my business to grow.” – JODI ANSTANDIG, FINANCE DIRECTOR BIOPELLE ​

 7 Ways Acumatica Can Boost Your Business

  1. Increase Sales:  Generate more leads with connected marketing automation.  Sell more with connect commerce and point of sale.  Differentiate your business with new service offering through field service management.
  2. Better Inventory Management:  Every distributor knows it’s crucial to effectively manage your supply chains to increase turns and minimize carrying costs.  If you carry too much inventory you face increased costs, but too little inventory and you’re looking at stock-outs and lost sales.  Acumatica offers flexible tools to manage inventory replenishment to optimized stocking levels for a maximum return on investment.
  3. Warehouse Automations:  Best in class distributors know exactly how to turn inventory and fulfill order fast.  Efficient warehouse operations like are backed by a modern technology solution offering barcoded transactions and flexible order fulfillment strategies.  With Acumatica’s warehouse management system (WMS) pick, pack, and ship while reducing errors, improving data accuracy, and eliminating manual data entry.
  4. Improve Customer Experiences:  It’s not enough to meet customer needs, you need to exceed their expectations for customer service.  With Acumatica, you can offer your customers an exceptional experience with real-time information through automation tools, embedded CRM, self-service applications and other advanced features.
  5. Improve Data Visibility:  Long gone are the data silos and stand-alone CRM data.  Connect your online orders and back-office system together in colorful dashboards and KPIs.  Acumatica provides everything progressive distributors need to manage every part of their business from a single platform with low-code and no-code integration tools to consolidate real-time data from external systems.
  6. Automate Business:  Modern technologies, including artificial intelligence with machine learning, provide additional benefits to improve distribution processes. Distributors must have tools to configure business processes. Complex processes require more control, while simpler processes need to be fast with flexibility.
  7. Reduce IT Costs:  Acumatica minimizes license fees and infrastructure costs with a comprehensive distribution edition.  This distribution, cloud-based solution allows for reduced dependence on third-party applications. Natively designed for the cloud, and priced on consumption, this edition ensures you are only paying for what you use.
Acumatica is a complete distribution ERP system designed for businesses like yours.  Complete with deep business and supply chain management features, this modern cloud-based ERP system improves data visibility, reduces IT costs, boosts efficiency, and provides tool for an exceptional customer experience.  Acumatica ERP provides the best in class for transforming your growing business.  Find out more, download the Acumatica whitepaper, 7 Ways Distributors Grow with Acumatica and give us a call at 440-498-9920 to see a demo of your new system.

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