Award Winning Wholesale Distribution Cloud ERP

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For today’s distributors, staying ahead of the curve requires a powerful and adaptable toolset. Acumatica Cloud ERP has emerged as the leading ERP for wholesale distributors, earning high praise in the recent 2023 G2 ratings. Let’s see what users have to say through the G2 survey, and then take a look at the powerful features in Acumatica that appeal to distribution companies around the globe.

Award Winning Wholesale Distribution Cloud ERP

Acumatica’s 2023 G2 Ratings: A Testament to Excellence

Acumatica’s dominance in the 2023 G2 ratings speaks volumes about its prowess in the ERP market. Users rated Acumatica higher than industry competitors across eight separate G2 categories, outclassing vendors like Epicor, Infor, Oracle NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and SAP in crucial metrics. This marks the sixth consecutive quarter where Acumatica has clinched multiple No.1 rankings, emphasizing its unmatched relationship-building, usability, and market momentum.

John Case, CEO of Acumatica, expressed his delight, stating, “Customer-informed reports such as G2 serve as powerful affirmations of our team’s dedication to user-driven innovation and customer satisfaction.”

Acumatica outperformed in eight G2 reports, including these that most interest distributors:

  1. Mid-Market Relationship Index for Distribution ERP
  2. Small-Business Usability Index for Distribution ERP
  3. Momentum Grid Report for Distribution ERP
  4. Momentum Grid Report for ERP Systems

So, what is it that people see in Acumatica? Here are a few reasons why distributors are in love with Acumatica Cloud ERP.

Acumatica Meets Distributors’ Needs in 6 Key Areas

1. Comprehensive Distribution ERP Functionality

Acumatica understands the intricacies of wholesale distribution ERP. It seamlessly manages logistics operations alongside front- and back-office activities. From determining product demand to ensuring timely deliveries, Acumatica covers it all. Its robust features for assembly, kitting, inventory management, and warehouse control are unparalleled.

2. Seamless Integration Capabilities

Recognizing that different distributors have unique needs; Acumatica offers seamless integration with many applications. Since it was built on industry-standard cloud technologies, if a native integration doesn’t already exist, it can easily be created with Acumatica’s Web APIs. Whether it’s a specialized accounting app, an in-depth customer engagement tool, or a robust HR management suite, you can connect it with Acumatica.

This seamless integration not only fosters a cohesive work environment but also streamlines operations, allowing for real-time data sharing between departments. As a bridge between different software modules, Acumatica enables distributors to optimize workflows, enhance collaboration, and improve overall efficiency, making it a preferred choice for distributors seeking to unify their operations.

3. Advanced Supply Chain Management

By consolidating data from various sources, Acumatica provides real-time visibility into the entire supply chain, empowering businesses to identify bottlenecks and take action to ensure product delivery times remain unaffected. The platform’s advanced analytics capabilities offer customizable reports and dashboards, enabling businesses to monitor key performance indicators and uncover areas for improvement, ensuring continuous growth and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Acumatica’s industry-specific modules, such as demand planning and inventory management, enhance supply chain efficiency by generating accurate demand forecasts, optimizing stock levels, and ensuring the most efficient use of resources to fulfill customer orders.


4. E-Commerce Integration for Modern Demands

In the digital age, Acumatica is the right choice for wholesale distributors seeking to meet the demands of the online marketplace. With native e-commerce connectors and an open API, Acumatica enables distributors to expand their digital footprint effortlessly.

Distributors can manage online storefronts, process transactions securely, and synchronize inventory in real time. This not only enhances the customer shopping experience but also provides distributors with valuable insights into online sales trends and customer preferences.

Acumatica’s commitment to e-commerce integration ensures that distributors can tap into the vast potential of online sales, allowing them to thrive in a competitive landscape driven by digital innovation and customer convenience.

5. Robust Financial and Operational Analysis

Acumatica’s expertise in delivering robust financial and operational analysis is a cornerstone of its appeal to wholesale distributors. It tracks every financial transaction, from sales and purchases to product costs, pricing, discounts, and profit margins. This ensures not only accuracy but also provides a rich data source for in-depth operational analysis.

Distributors can leverage Acumatica’s analytical tools to gain profound insights into their business performance, enabling data-driven decision-making. By understanding key metrics, identifying trends, and anticipating market demands, distributors can strategically align their operations, optimize resources, and seize growth opportunities, positioning Acumatica as an indispensable asset for distributors striving for financial excellence and operational efficiency.

6. Streamlined Transportation and Delivery Planning

Acumatica simplifies the complex task of transportation and delivery planning for wholesale distributors. With its intuitive interface and visualizations, businesses can efficiently plan and implement transportation schedules, ensuring timely deliveries to customers.

Acumatica assists in optimizing routes, managing shipping logistics, and coordinating deliveries across various locations. From order fulfillment to the final mile, Acumatica provides real-time visibility into the transportation process, allowing distributors to track shipments and proactively address any challenges that may arise.

By streamlining transportation and delivery operations, Acumatica not only enhances customer satisfaction but also enables distributors to achieve cost efficiencies, minimize transit times, and maintain a competitive edge in the market. This focus on seamless transportation planning underscores Acumatica’s commitment to helping distributors deliver exceptional service while maximizing operational effectiveness.

You’ll Love Acumatica Too!

Acumatica Cloud ERP’s recent accolades in the 2023 G2 ratings and user reviews, underline its excellence in catering to the unique needs of wholesale distributors. Its comprehensive functionality, integration capabilities, focus on advanced supply chain management, e-commerce prowess, financial acumen, and streamlined transportation planning make it the preferred choice for distributors aiming for operational excellence and market leadership.

Are you a wholesale distributor looking to modernize your operations with a future-proof Cloud ERP solution? Contact us today and let us show you how Acumatica can meet your needs now and grow with you in the future.



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