Bring Everybody into the Loop with Acumatica Business Events

Acumatica Business Events

Did you know that Acumatica Business Events can be used to automate many common business scenarios?

Acumatica Business Events, released in 2018 R1, provides a powerful tool for automating business processes through configuration instead of programming and customization.  Business Events compliment Acumatica dashboards to support various business needs.   While dashboards provide real-time visual data and drilldown capabilities for users who are regularly logged into Acumatica, Business Events provide near-real-time notifications for employees who require less frequent notifications.  Another use case is for communication with external contacts who do not have system logins.

Acumatica Business Events can be configured for any screen.  If a standard screen isn’t available “out of the box” to meet your need, a search can be created without programming.  Searches can be designed using virtually any selection criteria.  Notifications can be triggered based on new or updated records, or sent to subscribers on a fixed schedule.  Both email and mobile alerts/app notifications are supported.

Examples of Acumatica Business Events for internal communications:

  • Sales Follow-up.  Acumatica dashboards provide a 360 degree view of the sales pipeline anytime that users have access to the internet, but suppose that your sales manager is often in the field and has requested an alert on her mobile device when an opportunity or quote is created for more than $50,000.  You can use Business Events to configure this notification in minutes.  Since Acumatica is cloud-based, hyperlinks in the notifications can be configured to open directly to the opportunity or quote in Acumatica.


  • Credit Approval.  Perhaps your company requires the completion of a credit approval process before a quote can be converted to a sales order for a new customer.  Using Business Events, you can create an email notification to notify the sales rep that the credit approval process is complete and the quote is ready be converted.


  • Process Completed.  Suppose that your company has implemented cycle counts to conduct regular physical inventories at your warehouses.  Physical inventory counts can be disruptive, but using Business Events you can create an alert to notify the receiving and order fulfillment teams the minute that the physical inventory process has been completed and normal operations can resume.

Examples of Acumatica Business Events for external communications:

  • Support Case Communications.  You can use Business Events to notify customers when a service issue has been assigned to a support agent, or send communications when a case has been resolved.  Notifications are created using templates that can be configured to include virtually any Acumatica field.


  • Client Budget Management.  Acumatica makes it very easy to email documents such as order acknowledgements and invoices to customers with a single click.  Other times there may be a need for more specialized customer communications, for example the invoice contact for a client may request a notification when their total monthly order exceeds a certain budget threshold.  Business Events provide the flexibility to configure this type of alert.


  • External Sales Rep Communications.  Yet another common scenario for Business Events is the ability to keep an external sales rep in the loop, for example you could configure notifications to be sent when a lead is assigned to the sales rep, or when an order is created on one of the sales rep’s assigned accounts.


These are just a few examples of Business Events in action.   Contact Parallel Solutions for a free consultation to find out if Acumatica ERP software can help you to automate your specific business processes.

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