Bulk File Uploads in Acumatica

Inventory images, vendor invoices, customer documents, PO (purchase orders) , POD (proof of deliveries) and more are easy to attach in Acumatica if you only have a few of them.  However, when you have hundreds, or thousands, it becomes a tedious, time-consuming process.

We developed a quick and handy plug-in, AcuFile, to allow you to easily automate this repetitive process in Acumatica. Simply save the files to a specified folder, which can include subfolders, and our utility uploads all of them, at one time, whenever you want.  Read more about AcuFile.

Some common examples of file attachments include inventory item images, scanned images of original vendor invoices, or customer documents saved from incoming emails such as customer purchase orders.

In the screenshot below, the yellow paper clip indicates that there is an attachment on the CONBABY1 Stock Item.

Attached files are indexed in the Acumatica universal search, and of course like everything in Acumatica, files are available in the cloud, providing ready access anytime or place that users have Internet access.

To get started using the upload utility, we first identify a folder where we will save the files for upload.  Within the folder we create subfolders for logs and processed files.  The user who will run the utility must have permission to read and write to each of these folders.

Now, we can save or copy files to this folder.  The file names must begin with the key field for the record followed by an underscore and then the original file name.  For example, to attach the ps_logo.jpg file to the CONBABY1 stock item, we would save the file to the specified folder with the filename: CONBABY1_ps_logo.jpg.  For sales orders or invoices, the key field is simply the order number.

​In this example we will be attaching images to stock items.

Now we’re ready to run the utility.  There is also a command line interface to call the utility, but for this example we’ll just run it manually.

​The first step is to enter the Acumatica credentials.  The user running the utility must have the appropriate Acumatica security permissions to upload the files.

​Next we specify the folder locations:

Finally, we choose the Acumatica entity where the files should be attached:

For more information about Acumatica and automated file uploads, give Laura a call at 440-498-9920, or contact us.

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