Exact Synergy’s Office Integration Offers “Anywhere Access” to Important Information

Exact Synergy's Office Integration

In today’s world, important business is often transacted via email.   Has your organization implemented Exact Synergy’s Office Integration (SOI)?  If not, you’re missing an important opportunity to keep everyone in the loop!   Here are a few features that SOI offers:

Save incoming and outgoing Microsoft Outlook emails as documents in Synergy
Your customers or suppliers may email you to confirm an order, ask a support question, or provide a requested document.   Similarly, you send key emails to your customers or suppliers, for example a request for information needed to generate a quote, a response to a support inquiry, or a request for a document such as an insurance certificate.

Exact Synergy Enterprise provides a comprehensive Document Management system, including full text indexing and search capabilities, however this functionality is only as good as the data input.  SOI makes it simple for users to save incoming and outgoing communications as documents in Synergy, increasing compliance.

Once emails are saved in Synergy, everyone in your organization has access from anywhere to the documents with the information that they need to do their job functions.  For example a field technician can access Synergy from a mobile device to view relevant documents.  And of course Synergy provides robust security features to ensure that documents are only visible to the appropriate users.

Automatically link emails to the appropriate Synergy business account based on email address

Using the “Map to known contacts” feature, emails are automatically saved to the appropriate prospect, customer, or supplier in Synergy based on email address.  There is also the ability to specify an account, contact, opportunity, project, tags, or other document metadata fields manually.  Depending on the document type different fields are made available.  These fields can be made mandatory or optional.

Use Microsoft Outlook folders to auto-save specified document types

Outlook folders can be mapped to a particular Synergy document type.  For example, you could create an Outlook folder to save emails with attached insurance certificates to a custom “Insurance Certificates” document type in Synergy.  After configuring the auto-save on this folder, users can simply drag an email to this folder (or use Outlook rules to move the email), and it will be saved to Synergy automatically.

Attach Synergy documents as attachments on outgoing Outlook emails

On an outgoing email, SOI allows the user to select an attachment directly from a Synergy document.  This feature can be used in the context of a central repository for business documents such as price lists or company policies, but could also be applied to account specific documents.  For example we have a client who uses the Exact Event Manager to generate invoices, save the PDF invoices to Synergy, and email them to their customers.  If a customer requests the invoice be resent, the CSR can readily send an email from Outlook and attach the saved invoice document.

These are just a few of the features and capabilities offered by Exact Synergy Enterprise and Synergy Office Integration.  Parallel Solutions offers solutions to provide “anywhere access” to the information your staff needs.  To learn more, call us at 440-498-9920 today.

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