Feeding the Beast: Avoid Excessive Data Drama

Avoid Excessive Data Drama

Choosing the ideal ERP solution is tricky business. Much is written about the importance of scalability, but there’s one lesser known requirement to add to the buying consideration list. When selecting a system, be sure a choose one that has the future functionality you need, but also one that allows that functionality to be turned off if it is too complex for the company’s immediate needs.  We call this ‘avoiding excessive data drama’.

Buying a robust system, if not carefully managed, can over-complicate the process of using the system. This is primarily because powerful ERP systems with hefty functionality require a large amount of data input.  If you bought a solution that serves future needs, it may add a layer of complexity into daily processes if you don’t switch off functions not currently needed or manage their setting effectively.

​For example, a robust inventory module requires lot control. However, if a company doesn’t lot items, then having this feature functioning means having to enter a non-existent lot number to run the system optimally. Another example is a project centric CRM module. If a company is not a project- oriented business, using this feature to its fullest capability unnecessarily complicates data entry, reporting, etc.

While these things may seem like small inconveniences, they add up quickly in a system that is over-meeting immediate business needs and can slow processing and increase cost over the long haul.

​Firms needs to work carefully with IT and ERP vendors to understand each module’s functionality and the ability to opt in and out of ERP features as time goes on. This will help reduce costs and optimize processes by streamlining the data that must be fed to the hungry ERP beast.

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