How Acumatica Helps Manufacturers Manage Supply Chain Issues and Increases Productivity with the 2023 R2 Release

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Manufacturers need to stay ahead of supply chain challenges and optimize productivity to be successful in today’s market. Acumatica Cloud ERP understands these needs and has rolled out new features to help manufacturers address supply chain issues and boost efficiency.

Let’s explore the wealth of functionality available to manufacturers in Acumatica’s industry-specific edition and dive into the details of the latest enhancements introduced in the Acumatica 2023 R2 release.

Benefits of Acumatica for Manufacturers

Acumatica Cloud ERP offers manufacturers a wide range of benefits that empower them to streamline operations and achieve greater efficiency.

Configurable and Extensible Platform

Acumatica is configurable and extensible by design. Users can personalize their workspaces with quick access to the features and information they need, and even extend Acumatica’s functionality using low-code or no-code options. This flexibility allows for a tailored experience that meets the unique demands of each manufacturing setup.

Enhanced Shop Floor Automation

The shop floor is the heart of every manufacturing business. Acumatica is constantly listening to customer feedback to create the most efficient and intuitive experience possible. Here are a few strong points to consider:

  • Specialized Mobile App: Made for efficient warehouse and manufacturing management, the app allows you to capture data efficiently.
  • Industry Label Design and Printing: The connected Asgard Alliance app lets you design and print industry-specific labels.
  • Shop Floor Monitoring: Integrate with LYNQ MES (manufacturing execution system) for real-time shop floor activity tracking using their app in the Acumatica Marketplace.

Improved Individual Productivity with Role-Based Dashboards

Role-based dashboards and customizable reports empower users to make informed decisions. Integration with top-tier business intelligence applications further enhances this capability.

Reporting and Integration

Modify or create your own reports and inquiries. The unique General Inquiry (GI) functionality in Acumatica allows you to query your data in almost any way you can conceive. Integration with best-in-class business intelligence applications enhances data analysis capabilities.

Multimodal Manufacturing

Whether you engage in make-to-stock or engineer-to-order manufacturing, batch processing, or project-driven manufacturing, Acumatica’s multimodal manufacturing support caters to a wide range of production models.

Since most Manufacturing ERPs cater to the needs of discrete manufacturers, it’s worth noting that in Acumatica, process manufacturing capabilities are built into the application framework, facilitating operations with features like machine setups, scrap calculations, and outside processing.

Quality Improvement Processes

Enhance product quality with features such as quality testing, non-conformance management, and corrective and preventative action plans through eWorkplace Apps’ QMS suite.

New Features in the 2023 R1 and R2 Releases

To highlight the features added to the manufacturing module in the 2023 R2 release, imagine your company is facing a supply chain issue: a critical bracket in many of your sub-assemblies won’t be available in time to fulfill your pending orders. To mitigate this issue, you decide to produce those brackets in-house so you never miss a beat with your clients. Let’s talk about Acumatica’s new features that help you deal with such a scenario more effectively.

Inventory Planning Improvements

  • The MRP workspace in Acumatica’s 2023 R2 release is now called “Inventory Planning,” giving you one place to handle both MRP and inventory replenishment methods.
  • Now, the system analyzes production orders, procurement data, and more to highlight supply chain issues and suggest actions.

“Where Used in BOM Inquiry” Enhancement

  • The “Where Used in BOM Inquiry” feature has been improved to show multi-level results, making it easier to understand the dependencies of components within a bill of materials.

Creating New Items and BOMs

  • Acumatica now simplifies the creation of manufacturing bills of materials (BOMs) for new products with Default BOMs.
  • When creating a new stock item, the inventory planning settings are copied from the item class. This is also new with 2023 R2 and can be a time saver when you have similar product lines that share inventory stock settings.

Production Order Management

  • The “Create Labor Transaction” action menu allows for streamlined labor reporting directly from the production order maintenance screen.
  • Schedule printing of production orders and tickets through Device Hub and print multiple production orders (even several copies of each one) in one action.

Managing Production Orders

  • Acumatica introduces an “Open” tab to view production orders in various states, streamlining production order management.

  • Now you can lock completed production orders, allowing for cost review before final closure.

Not to be overlooked is a new integration API endpoint – The Configuration Entry module of the Product Configurator can now be managed programmatically, allowing further customization and integration with other apps.


Acumatica Continues to Deliver Innovation with Every New Release

Acumatica Cloud ERP equips manufacturers with the tools they need to tackle supply chain challenges and increase productivity. With the 2023 R2 release, Acumatica has added valuable features that enhance inventory planning, manufacturing BOM creation, production order management, and more.

If you’re ready to take your manufacturing operations to the next level and need assistance with upgrading or implementing Acumatica, don’t hesitate to contact Parallel Solutions. Our expertise can help you leverage the full potential of Acumatica’s manufacturing capabilities. Make the move today and stay ahead in the competitive manufacturing landscape! Learn more about Acumatica Manufacturing Edition.




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