How Exact Synergy Empowers Employees

Exact Synergy Empowers Employees

Did you know Exact Synergy empowers employees? I recently attended a seminar about “Building a Culture Where Your Employees are Engaged and Productive.” In speaking with us, the instructors encouraged us to think of our business as a whole. What are the things we might consider that will empower our employees and give them what they need to bring value to our company? Do we have the proper tools in place to produce success?

One very effective way to bring value to your business is to invest in a modern ERP system that is capable of keeping up with the “digital transformation” that is taking place in our world today. Our customers, vendors and employees have come to expect rapid response, and access to data like never before.

It is important to give our workforce the information they need to operate efficiently, improve processes, to have data access that is available in real-time, compliance for audits and supply chain visibility. Modern ERP does just that. But it’s not as straightforward as moving to modern technology – it will require change amongst our people too.

According to Steve Jobs, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”  We need to make sure that our employees, whether on site or remote, have the ability to “share, interact, and automate” processes. Exact Synergy is a technology platform that allows you to do just that. Synergy integrates with Acumatica and Exact Globe. It offers CRM, HRM, Project Management, and Social Collaboration that can be embedded into your ERP software.  Each function leverages Synergy’s advanced configurable workflow, document management, and security features.

How Exact Synergy Empowers Employees

CRM (Customer Resource Management) allows you to capture customer information, expectations, and transactional data. This information can be made available to everyone, or specific levels of information can be made available based on who is viewing the account. The beauty of Synergy CRM is that everyone will have 100% insight into customer relationships, with one consistent, time-stamped data base for everyone to share, so there is consistency in communication with clients.

HRM (Human Resource Management) allows you to build a digital dossier that offers full management insight into your human resource administration. The mobile and web-based functionality for competencies, absence registration, vacation requests, and the ability to view schedules makes for easy contact within the business. Everyone is aware of what is going on and can address personnel needs in a timely manner.

Project Management allows you to manage entire projects and budgets. You can share documents, workflows, expenses and activities, and assign tasks to specific individuals. Your team will have an accurate visual of how your project is progressing.  Synergy integrates with your ERP, so that right from your dashboard you can drill down into the ERP details of the project.  For example, you will have access to what has been invoiced or needs to be invoiced.  The best part is that with Synergy you have the ability to interact with the transactional data using easily configurable workflows, and to automate repetitive tasks such as sending notifications or updating ERP records.

Lastly Social Collaboration allows you to share information on timelines or in groups.  This opens the lines of communication within your organization; conversations take place within a safe environment of your business software, so that information can be preserved and the knowledge can be retrieved. A great way to empower your workforce is to share the how and why of projects and information.

Communication is crucial to success in any business. While your ERP gives you the data you need to streamline operations, and respond to customer and vendors rapidly, Exact Synergy will promote cooperation and conversation between departments.  You have now given your employees the knowledge and information they need to communicate effectively, and bring value to your business and brand.

If you would like to learn how Exact Synergy can help you empower your employees, visit the Exact Synergy webpage and then give us a call at 440-498-9920.

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