How Exact Synergy Enterprise Can Help with an ERP Transition

Moving to a new ERP system is often disruptive, but Exact Synergy can help to ease the transition. Here are some ways that Synergy can make an ERP transition easier:

Workflow Management – Keep your Synergy workflows!

  • Many Synergy workflows will not need to be changed at all, for example workflows associated with business processes that are CRM or front office related.
  • In the case of workflows that interact with the back office, GLM ConnectIt is a powerful tool which can be configured to view, update, or even insert master or transactional data in the back office. ConnectIt currently supports ​​​Acumatica, Allotrac, Epicor ERP, Exact Globe, Exact Online, Exact Synergy, Macola 10, Macola Progression, MYOB Advanced, Salesforce and SAP Business One. ConnectIt also provides the ability to connect to any SQL data source. 

In the example below, line item information from the back office is embedded directly on a Synergy workflow so that the AR clerk can view the order details without having to leave ​Synergy. Similarly, in this example the “Payments” tab provides live payment details from the back office. Workflows and views are extremely flexible, and can be configured with whatever information is needed, whether that data lives in Synergy or the back office. This makes it simple for the user to complete the task at hand without losing context.​  

Document Management – Keep your Synergy document management!  Synergy excels at document management with features like Synergy Office Integration, Word Merge, OneDrive integration, granular security settings, and full-text indexing.

A few examples:

    • Using Synergy Office Integration, users can easily save email correspondence in Synergy.
    • The Exact Event Manager, included with Exact Synergy, offers a file watcher feature that can automatically upload and create Synergy documents from designated folders. 
    • The Synergy browser-based interface means that users can access the documents they need anywhere, anytime, from any device with Internet connectivity!

Dashboards and Workspaces – ConnectIt views and SSRS reports are powerful tools to provide visibility into the back office from the familiar Synergy environment.

  • For existing SSRS reports or dashboards, simply update the dataset and users will see the same familiar screens.
  • ConnectIt views can be embedded on workspaces, requests, customer cards, item cards, project cards, monitors, and more.​

Project Management and Social Collaboration – With new Exact Synergy features like timeline, hashtags and push notifications, it’s easier than ever to keep all project members in the loop.

Thinking about moving to a new ERP?  Contact Parallel Solutions to learn how Exact Synergy can help with the transition!


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