Kit Master Work Orders by Parallel Solutions

For companies with light manufacturing operations (such as assembly work) that do not require shop floor data collection the Acumatica Manufacturing Suite can introduce unneeded complexity.  In this situation we often recommend the Acumatica Distribution Suite.  With built-in kit functionality, the Distribution Suite provides the ability to create a Bill of Materials for a stock item and to capture the inventory and material cost associated with producing this finished good.
There are however a few limitations inherent to Acumatica kits.  The Kit Master Work Orders add-in by Parallel Solutions aims to address these limitations.
Key Features of Kit Master Work Orders
  • Extends Acumatica Distribution Suite kit functionality
  • A good fit for companies that do not need full-blown manufacturing
  • Partial production can be reported against work orders
  • Easy work order transaction entry
  • Customizable work order printed form
  • Kit order demand grid
  • Automation creates and releases standard kit assembly transactions
​ The Kit Master Work Order screen is used to easily create work orders for Stock Items.  The kit components are defined using the Kit Specification functionality which is standard with the Acumatica Distribution Suite.
The Work Order form can be easily customized to meet your needs using the Acumatica Report Writer.
Partial production can be reported against work orders.
​Kit Order Demand grid based on scheduled date and accounting for partial production:
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