Making Better Business Decisions with Acumatica Distribution ERP

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The pandemic is officially behind us, but I think it’s safe to say that there are still some residual effects that people, businesses and subsequently the economy are having to manage through.  I’ve personally seen a lot of businesses shutter and we’ve all seen the ripple of various industry layoffs.  All of that said, wholesale distributors and their channel partners need to keep things moving to keep the lights on and their customers happy.  They’ve had to focus on minimizing costs and keeping the supply chain flexible despite the disruptions. Making the right moves means having the data to make good decisions—and the right technology to execute those decisions quickly.  Fortunately, the technology has kept up. There are now solutions that enable you to make better decisions in your distribution business, whether you have one warehouse or many.  A new generation of cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions contain functionality designed specifically for distribution businesses. They offer supply chain management that provides smooth operations across key functions like order entry, product sourcing, inventory management, invoicing and accounts receivable.

Key ERP benefits for distributors

Many midmarket wholesale distributors have struggled with staying profitable in recent times.  To make matters worse, they are often struggling with older legacy accounting software and manual processes that are frequently inaccurate.  To stay competitive, it is imperative that distributors get better access to the information they need.  For many, Acumatica’s Distribution Edition ERP may hold the keys to future growth.

Acumatica has automated supply chain workflow and enables tracking in virtually every aspect of distributors’ workflow.  To put it simply, this solution is designed to save distributors time and money by facilitating receiving, order fulfillment and inventory management.  Companies like yours can experience cost savings with upgrades to mobile devices and scanners that can reduce time spent in the warehouse and increase customer satisfaction.

Acumatica Warehouse Manager Dashboard

Acumatica can connect every aspect of your business under a single dashboard.  Their solution is a proven match for midsized companies that want to keep streamline processes through automation and is easy on internal IT teams.  The single ERP platform manages sales, orders, financials, inventory and purchasing while being extremely secure with managed permissions.  Every team across the company will have access to the data that is relevant to their role in a real time view.

As we’ve seen, many companies have come out of the pandemic in much better shape than they were in. Acumatica can help these companies continue their growth with tools that can enhance connectivity, oversight and communications.  Further, with a cloud-based solution, users can access data from anywhere, at any time, on any device.  Decision makers are no longer bound to their desks to manage their businesses and sales teams can access customer sales histories and order statuses from the field.

Best of all, distribution-specific financials will streamline accounting and virtually eliminate the effects of human errors through advanced AI solutions that phase out manual paperwork.  Warehouse Management Software (WMS) gives you everything you need for powerful data reporting, facilitating real-time decision making and more profitability.

“With Acumatica, one of the big changes is that we can now track a lead to a customer with all the associated notes along the way so we can capture that information . . . With better information and improved reporting, we’re expecting to see better sales results and improved customer retention.”

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Acumatica, the right system at the right price

Choosing an ERP solution for wholesale distributors has until recently been an exercise in frustration.  Most platforms were way out of budget, lacked the necessary functionality or were designed for larger enterprise sized organizations.  Acumatica’s Distribution Edition ERP was designed with the mid-sized business in mind and provides all of the functionality you need for today with the promise to grow with your company.  Best of all, with a cloud solution, you’re not stuck maintaining legacy hardware and burdened with costly software maintenance.

Parallel has worked with many distribution businesses like yours to realize the full growth benefits of cloud ERP software.  Reach out to us for a free demo and consultation to see how Acumatica can help grow your business.  Contact us today.


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