SMBs vs. Enterprise Business Solutions

SMBs vs. Enterprise business solutions

We continue our series of blog posts exploring 10 key steps in successfully implementing an ERP solution for small-to-medium manufacturing businesses, SMBs vs. Enterprise Business Solutions. We hope you find them useful; don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses have specific needs and challenges, in contrast to large, enterprise-level companies. Often, you have less people monitoring more business functions: small business owners tend to wear many different hats, keeping track of the various moving parts of the company in their heads. But in order to grow effectively, all of that information needs to be tracked in such a way that everyone who needs access to it can get it. 

Growing Pains

​As companies grow, it’s easy to try to find the cheapest software solution to solve the problem at hand, but you can end up with a patchwork quilt of non-integrating pieces of software that don’t talk to one another, making any kind of proactive, big-picture analysis very difficult. Without an easy-to-integrate solution that covers ALL of the business tracking and measuring you need to do, you are forced to find a custom (read: expensive) workaround or end up doing more by hand than is necessary, wasting valuable company time and resources.

What a growing manufacturing business needs is an expert software consultant who can help you see which pieces of your business software puzzle need to fit together and how to get the best results from them. We all know that “what you measure grows,” so growing your business and staying on top of that growth calls for the right measuring stick measuring the right KPIs. That’s why we specialize in helping manufacturing and distribution companies keep their eyes on the right indicators to maintain a healthy business.

Agile SMBs

One of the great benefits to being a smaller business is that you can often move quickly. We understand a new software implementation needs to be done in the most efficient way possible. By having a software partner who can not only help you find the right solutions and integrations for your business, you also gain the advantage of a speedy, successful implementation. We have a variety of training options available to help you and your team get up to speed quickly in your new software, so you can start getting the advantages of a comprehensive solution asap.


The Right Solution for the Job

Many enterprise-based solutions offer too many options that aren’t necessary for a small or medium sized business, increasing your investment of time and money into a solution that might not be right. We have the right-sized options for the business practices you need to monitor and can help you get it up and running, enabling you to quickly realize your ROI.

We offer a number of solutions to for SMB manufacturing and distribution businesses. To learn more about how we can help you find the perfect business management solution for your distributing and manufacturing business, call us at 440-498-9920 today.

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