Step 9: Prepare for Exceptions

prepare for exceptions

Ninth in our series of blog posts exploring 10 key steps in successfully implementing an ERP solution for small-to-medium manufacturing businesses, prepare for exceptions. We hope you find them useful; don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

“Once you select the ERP system software and provider, the specter of ERP implementations – and the possibility of failure – becomes a factor. The good news is that the right ERP provider along with the proper steps can alleviate failure and point your business in the direction of growth.” ~~  Ray Rebello, Acumatica

You Can be Prepared for Anything

A common problem at many companies is insufficient ERP training. Some employees are not focused enough during initial training. Employees may underestimate the need for training. Employees may try to multitask during the class and miss key steps. If the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with the software in a “playground” is not offered, a person can be overwhelmed trying to manipulate data in an unfamiliar screen on that first day of go live.

Employees must be given adequate training and the opportunity to work through typical daily transactions with the new ERP software weeks before the go-live date to identify possible exceptions not identified in pre-planning and gain confidence with the new software. If the initial training was insufficient, retraining just prior to go live is needed to ensure success.

And as you begin to input your data and work with the software, you may notice an area that could be tweaked, especially if the previous business processes were not streamlined. This is where all of the hard work done in the pre-planning and planning stages pays off: by working through many of the scenarios and potential uses of your new business-planning software, you will hit the ground running and be able to see how the software helps you do your job better right from the beginning.

Sometimes Issues Arise

One of the many advantages to having a consulting company lead software system implementations for manufacturing and distribution companies is that many of the problems that can crop up during an implementation can often be predicted by an experienced consultant. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your consultant has enough experience with the process and software to be able to easily deal with the problem before it turns into a major catastrophe.

While our consultants and clients do their best to avoid any snafus, technology and human nature being what they are, unexpected detours can happen during implementation. Our team will be there with you, available to work through any bumps during the initial start-up period, while everyone gets their feet under them in regards to the new ERP software.

Experience Counts

With our trained staff to assist you, you don’t need to worry about how to handle any unexpected situations that may arise in your business. We will help you utilize the system that you can count on to meet the requirements of your business operations.

Parallel Solutions is pleased to be able to bring you these tips for a successful ERP implementation. If you are thinking about how to improve your efficiency, decision-making, and customer outcomes, then we would love to have a conversation with you about how we might be able to help. Give us a call at 440-498-9920 or contact us.

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