Streamline Operations with an ERP Solution

Streamline Operations with an ERP Solution

Here’s an overview why business everywhere are choosing to streamline operations with an ERP solution. ​When smaller companies begin streamlining operations, they often start within their departments and choose niche software that meets that department’s unique workflow needs. As examples, HR may be better managed through Kronos, accounting is kept in shape with QuickBooks, Marketing has Salesforce, and so forth.

As the business continues to grow, the interactions between departments, and their individual software modules, grows more necessary and more complex. Enter ERP, which solves common issues caused by siloed software solutions. Issues like running into transaction limits, connecting interdepartmental workflow with manual tasks, and data-re-entry and duplication between departments.

But implementing ERP is not just about plugging holes and fixing problems. ERP also opens up a new world of proactive possibilities for operations. Here are just a few:

Enter Data Once, See it Everywhere –  From sales to inventory to accounting, nothing streamlines operations like linked data. It also decreases the human error found in re-entry and duplication and makes for better communication between departments and accurate reporting for decision makers.

Enjoy Top Down Quality Assurance – If the data is everywhere then key people can plan, check and share information and process parameters. Online and offline time, troubleshooting and unexpected change at any juncture in the process, can be managed with less errors when everyone has access to the same information, all in one place.

Know and Track Inventory, Order Status and Shipping – Accurately processing transactions, and flagging hiccups like shortages and unpredictable throughput or negative balances, helps reduce backorders, shortages and delays in inventory and shipping. If a client wants to know where an order stands, all employees have consistent information to share allowing them to follow up on order status and communicate intelligently with the client.

Bring Sales and Marketing Back Into The Fold – Prior sales information can be easily retrieved and utilized as needed. Convert a quote to a sale to a project without having to enter data into multiple systems. See notes, orders and inventory on customers and suppliers throughout all departments. Efficient sales processing equates to satisfied customers who want to place additional orders in the future.

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