The Distributor’s Guide to Streamlining Operations and Boosting Sales

If you’re like most distributors, you’ve accumulated a variety of purpose-built applications during your tenure as a business. While these applications can help you expand, organize and manage your increasingly complex business processes, they often lead to living in a multi-app world, and result in siloed data. Integrating these applications can be problematic, if not impossible.

​What if you had a single solution that effectively managed every aspect of your business? Modern ERP applications – like Acumatica – provide benefits across the company – from the front office and storefront, the warehouse or distribution center, and even the remote workers in the field. This holistic approach keeps everyone on the same page and provides accurate data to anyone in your organization that needs it.

To help you see how a single, connected platform can streamline and revolutionize the way you do business, Acumatica has prepared a Solution Brief entitled, “Acumatica Role-Based ERP Software for Distribution and Retail-Commerce.” It provides an in-depth look at the features of Acumatica that help distributors and retail-commerce companies to capture, retain, and grow their customer base and sales revenue while reducing IT expense and simplifying their operations.

What will you find inside?

First, you’ll learn about the powerful features that set Acumatica apart from the competition, such as:
  • Role-Based Security
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Customizable Workflow and Approvals
  • Notifications for Business Events
  • Document Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Email Without Leaving Acumatica
  • Time and Task Management
  • First-Class Documentation and Educational Resources
  • Mobile Applications


Our technology costs are now 33 percent cheaper and we have 10 times the functionality. Our organic traffic is up 45 percent, and we are selling more because we are off NetSuite and on Acumatica.”

Next, you’ll see how each branch of your operations will benefit from the enhanced functionality of Acumatica.

Executives and Business Leaders. Those who strive to steer the organization toward success need reliable, accurate information that is kept up to date, in real time. Powerful tools are available to provide business insight as well as manage budgets, relationships, and projects. Dashboards give busy executives the information they need, at a glance, to stay on top of operations and drive growth.

Warehouse and Distribution Center Management. From managers to warehouse, shipping, and logistics staff, everyone stays connected with Acumatica. Native and connected applications make it possible to view live order information as it comes in from your sales staff and e-commerce site. Inventory is visible across all facilities, and a built-in WMS keeps things under control and automates the pick, pack, and ship processes while providing access on the go via mobile applications.


Sales, Commerce Sales, and Retail Sales. Empower your team with tools to automate repetitive processes, allowing your representatives to focus on what they do best: SELL! They can pursue more opportunities and convert more prospects by having the information they need – business data gathered in Acumatica, funneled into the embedded CRM. Dashboards and analytics, integrated marketing tools, and sales pipeline management with lead assignments help sales leaders make informed decisions and balance the load among all members of the sales team.

Purchasing. Acumatica becomes the natural link between the warehouse inventory and the purchasing department. Replenishment can be planned based on minimum and maximum purchase quantities, safety stock, reorder points, and more. Save money and increase profits through advance planning for volume purchases to take advantage of vendor discounts. Advanced tools such as demand forecasting help distributors stay lean while never missing a sale.

Customer Support. Hard-working representatives need a complete view of the customer to meet the needs of your clients and deliver exceptional experiences that keep them coming back for more. Acumatica gives them full visibility to see invoices, statements, support contracts, order history, notes, and prior communication activities. They also have a host of tools available for acting on the customer’s behalf. Self-Service Portals relieve the burden on the department by allowing customers to care for many matters on their own.

There is so much more available in Acumatica to take your distribution or commerce business to the next level. First, download the solution brief to learn more about how to transform your organization for success in the new digital economy and then give us a call to have a no-strings attached conversation about how a modern ERP solution can help you.

Is your business ready to ditch your legacy ERP system and move to an all-in-one solution?  Acumatica was built in the cloud and designed for distribution businesses like yours.  Let us show you all the benefits.  Call us at 440-498-9920 or Contact us today and see for yourself what you are missing.

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