Gain the Commitment of Key Stakeholders

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This is number 3 in our series of blog posts exploring key steps to successfully implementing an ERP solution for small-to-medium manufacturing businesses, gain the commitment of key stakeholders. We hope you find them useful; don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Planning & Project Management

Allocating the right resources, in the form of enough time and sufficient staffing, will enable your implementation project to succeed. A good consultant will guide you on the parameters of your project and will work with you throughout the process, to help you evaluate the needs of the business. Ensuring that those involved in the project have the authority to make decisions about the implementation will help smooth the way, as well.

Parallel Solutions works with many small businesses, so we understand that, unlike in large corporations, many people often wear many hats. In these situations, planning is even more important, so that your process can be completed in a timely manner, helping you make better decisions and work more efficiently on the project without interruption to daily operations.

Managing Buy-in & Change
Involving every level of the company in the implementation can help smooth the way into working with a new ERP product. Getting buy-in from not only the key players in management, but at the front-lines where the data will likely be entered, is critical. Getting input from people at all levels of the organization will give those at lower levels the ability to feel a part of the process, not just the ones who bear the burden of the changes.

Empowerment & Communication
Ideally, you will have one main consultant to work with, making communication smoother between company and vendor. This is how we like to do business at Parallel Solutions. By having a primary contact in the company, communication will be at its most efficient. We take the time to give personal service, helping you implement a successful ERP software solution to fit your specific needs.

We want your staff to understand the timeline, project scope, and underlying business decisions for your project. Open lines of communication ensure that everyone who has a stake in the implementation is able to understand and contribute to the success of the end result.

Parallel Solutions specializes in ERP software for distribution and manufacturing companies.  We will work with your stakeholders to assure a smooth transition for your business. Call us at (440) 498-9920 today.

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