Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Proper planning

As we continue our series of blog posts exploring 10 key steps in successfully implementing an ERP solution for small-to-medium manufacturing businesses, this one is on how proper planning prevents poor performance. We hope you find them useful; don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

In a small or medium sized company, the idea that “time is money” is demonstrated every day. The SMB’s time is much too valuable to be wasted on a long software implementation. All too often, the needs that a business has that are being addressed by new software have been a long time in the making, so getting a solution up and running as soon as possible is of the utmost importance.

A Good Planning Partner is Essential

​By taking the time to properly plan for a software’s implementation, you can save time later, when tensions are rising as you approach the “Go Live” date. Working with an experienced partner who can help you predict curves in the road ahead, as well as give you a realistic time frame for setup and training, is invaluable for planning ahead.

Businesses need a partner who can facilitate necessary and possibly difficult conversations throughout the organization, who can understand the unique position of the firm, and add value to a software implementation with training, communication, and the ability to adjust to their client’s needs. Good communication throughout the process of implementation and getting everyone excited about new tools early on in the process can make the process easier and run more smoothly.

Change is Good, but Not Always Easy

Understanding that change can be difficult for everyone, a good software consultant can assist a manufacturer or distributor in looking at the processes and systems of the business and evaluating their efficiency and how they may be improved to increase the organization’s profitability. Selling you software that you don’t need, or matching software to inefficient processes, does not help your bottom line. We would rather take the time to help you look at the company’s processes in order to provide a solution that best serves your needs.

At Parallel Solutions, once we have a thorough understanding of your processes, we can give you a realistic idea of the time needed to implement the software, as well as training for your staff. We know that a smooth roll-out of new software is vital to your company’s success, and our team works diligently with your staff to ensure a successful implementation.

​Parallel Solutions has implemented many new erp systems, and can help you with this through ERP selection and implementation process. Call us at (440) 498-9920 today.

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